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What is the Eat Local Challenge?

The Eat Local Challenge is a 30-day celebration of New Orleans food. Challenging New Orleanians to support local farmers, fishers, food makers, restaurants and food advocates one day at a time. A full month of parties, classes, tours, events, and a host of other opportunities to celebrate all the bounty of New Orleans! Are you ready to make your mark on local food? Check out our calendar!


Why participate?

New Orleans is a world-wide food destination who loses millions of dollars in food dollars to corporations. Studies estimate that each dollar spent on local food can recirculate as much as $1.3 - $2.6 back into a local economy (Lynch et al., 2015). Plus, local food tastes better, is healthier, and contributes to a more sustainable and resilient community.

When does the Eat Local Challenge take place?

June 1-30, 2019, though we hope you will eat locally year-round! Sign up here

Who is the Eat Local Challenge?

Beginning in 2019 the Eat Local Challenge is operating and supported by the New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee (FPAC), a broad-based coalition of organizations, businesses, and individuals shaping public policy to improve equity, opportunity, and collaboration in our local food system. Learn more about FPAC and our work here.

The Eat Local Challenge is free for all to participate!

The Challenge is free for all to participate, though we appreciate any donations to help offset costs. Donate here.

We can’t put on the Eat Local Challenge without the support of our sponsors and partners. Interested in sponsoring the Eat Local Challenge or partnering with us on an event to highlight your farm, business, organization, or space? Please email

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